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A rock garden can add height and depth to a flat area. Add a waterfall or other water feature to enhance the natural appearance. Designer: Philip Thornburg, Winterbloom Landscaping. Photo: Janet Loughrey.

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Re-designing your garden is an exciting prospect. Do you wish you had somewhere to sit, relax, entertain or let the children play? Maybe you are just a little bored and want a garden design that is more colourful, varied or maintenance friendly. Garden landscaping is the ideal way to craft an attractive space to grow plants that give you a beautiful environment and design a practical layout that allows you to use your garden how you want. But where do you start?

Take a look at our answers to common garden landscaping questions; whether its planning and budgeting, resourcing and building or aesthetic planting, our guide holds the key to the garden landscaping design of your dreams. Landscaping ideas start with good research. Take into account your garden size and think about what you need your garden to do for you.

Then, take to the drawing board to sketch your ideas and make mood boards from magazines and Pinterest of your dream garden landscape. See all of our garden ideas for an inspirational starting point. Walls and boundaries Hedges and fences Paths and patios Lawns Water features Zoning areas dining, playing, shading Planting: trees, shrubs, pots Lighting Out-buildings. Next consider your plot. Look at the size and shape and take into consideration the direction if faces, the style of your house it will be framing and the surrounding area.

Achieving balance is a strong aspect of good garden design; pay equal attention to all areas and remember that plants and shrubs will change size and shape throughout the seasons.

Do you prefer formal or informal gardens? Formal gardens tend to be tidy and geometric with lots of straight lines and clipped hedges, whereas informal gardens are made up of organic curves and planting is much more relaxed. In this small garden she uses oversize copper containers filled with a glorious mix of trees, shrubs and perennials to create an urban oasis.

The planting is chosen specifically to attract wildlife in the space. For all your budgeting questions answered read: Garden landscaping costs — how much to pay for garden landscaping.

Instead of incorporating stone steps, Helen has used grass treads, integrating them into the existing lawn to connect the lower patio to the small sun terrace above.

Creating a softer approach to the flow, seamlessly journeying from one space to the other. The trend for creating garden zones is hugely popular, meaning the need for having a garden path is great. A link that unites the different areas is not only highly practical, it can also be visually appealing as this example demonstrates. Read more: Garden path ideas — curved and straight walkway designs in gravel, brick and stone for every budget. The winner of the Beth Chatto Award for best Eco Garden, this garden demonstrates how you can create an oasis that can benefit the planet and which is bursting with texture and visual interest.

Make sure you use permeable surfaces to allow water to be released naturally into the ground. In terms of the space, the owner of this garden wanted a rear terrace to catch the evening light and provide the perfect spot for entertaining. Laurel hedging planted alongside gives the new terrace an instant sense of privacy. The imposing rear garden wall was painted a natural green colour, to blend in with the greens provided by nature. Green roofs, living roofs, vegetated roofs, — whatever you call them, planted roofs are sprouting up everywhere!

The growing new trend can be home to an array of plants from grasses to flowers, as well as being the perfect way to bring biodiversity into your garden. Use hard landscaping to make a feature of a sloping garden, allowing the incline to create dedicated, defined levels for different zones.

Allow the zones to take on very different purposes — from a dining area to a relaxing lounging zone that makes the most of garden shade ideas. In general, hard landscaping tends to be the star of contemporary designs, and the range of materials for such spaces is more extensive — mirror, metal, concrete and painted walls, to name a few — but there is nothing to stop you using these in traditional herbaceous gardens.

The trick is to create a single, homogenous design. Recycled whelk shells light up the ground underneath this Acer palmatum at the back of the garden. The owner wanted to make a feature of the tree, and to hide the dark soil beneath — and it really does work well! Create more space by breaking free of a symmetrical layout. Adding curved lines and elongated sections can help to soften the transition from hard landscaping to planting or lawn. Think about reshaping the lawn to allow for a sweeping shaped decking to give the landscape an interesting shape, or going for completely grassless garden ideas like in this deck and gravel scheme.

There are two common methods; skip hire or muck away. Consult your local council and waste removal companies to find the most appropriate method or if hiring a professional to carry out your project talk to your contractor to establish whether clearance is included in their service.

Every construction project involves a fair degree of upheaval, so plan meticulously to smooth the way. Inform neighbours every step of the way and double-check boundaries when erecting fencing and walls. Where dividing lines are shared, you must get their permission in writing. If you do not have access, ask neighbours or approach the local council if the area is public. You need a licence to put a skip on a public road; apply for this at your local council.

Your landscaper can organise this for you; ask to see the permit. A landscaper will need to pay to use a commercial tip. If you tackle the project yourself, contact your local residential tip to see what it will take. Find out more at direct. At this stage you should have realised whether your landscaping ideas will be a hands-on DIY job or a complete overhaul that will need the skills and labour of a professional landscape designer or tradesman that can do the work for you.

If you are tackling the job yourself, there are plenty of books, online guides or even short construction courses to help you get started. Most building materials mentioned above are easy to obtain from garden centres and builders merchants. Also look into machinery hire — you may need a cement mixer or even a digger to prepare the ground.

Off-the-peg materials such as bricks, blocks, slabs, timber are rectilinear and so are more straightforward and cost effective when building along straight lines.

If your design is curved, use more flexible materials such as gravel, poured concrete or drystone techniques. Related: Small garden ideas to make the most of a tiny space. Planning restricts differ widely from one area to another. The answer is usually yes if you intend to build walls over 1m by a road and 2m elsewhere, or lay impermeable paving as part of your front garden ideas.

For listed buildings and in conservation areas, you may need permission to remove and install hard landscaping. For everyone else, outbuildings of up to 2. Decking and outbuildings must not take up more than 50 per cent of the garden.

Consult the planning department of your local council before going ahead, especially if you live near a Conservation Area. If planning permission is necessary your Planning Department will require an application together with fairly detailed plans and a fee. Find out more at www. This depends on the type of project. If you have the budget and are employing the professionals, they will give you a detailed time-frame and work-plan in their quote.

Working in stages can help with the cash-flow. Hard-landscaping should be completed first, if possible during winter months so the garden is ready for planting in the spring.

One of the simplest ways to transform your outdoor space, be it an urban garden or country garden is to invest in a scheme based around your plants. A good selection of flowers, trees and shrubs will create year round interest. Spend some time getting to know your soil and aspect in terms of sun, shade and exposure. For structure invest in larger hedging and trees.

For colour spend money on bedding plants and bulbs. Further research in books, garden centres and online will throw up so many planting suggestions. Potted flowers and plants are a great option for adding easy colour and the movability means you can change your design when the mood takes you. Be sure to plant them with plenty of drainage and water regularly.

The materials used — from paving and aggregates to decking and decorative edging — will add texture, character and structure, leading the eye through the landscape. While the best time to redesign your space is in winter when plants are dormant, looking at it in summer gives you the chance to really understand how you use the space. Or if you just want to add new surfaces, you can do so now and reap the rewards this summer.

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Garden landscaping. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies. Image credit: Mark Bolton. Image credit: Colin Poole. Image credit: Annaick Guitteny. Image credit: Future PLC. In order to understand how to landscape a garden, we have to understand what it actually means. Designers then work with landscaping contractors to make these ideas a reality.

The other side of garden design is of course the planting. Image credit: David Giles. Video Of The Week. Design your own romantic English rose garden. Plant up a colourful herbaceous border for your garden. Council tax single person discount explained — and how to apply. Magimix Power Blender review: a premium blender for soups and more.

50 Garden and Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas and Terraced Gardens (Photos)

Once the snow melts away, the birds start chirping again, and you can leave the house without a hat and mittens, you may find yourself walking out to get the mail, turning around, looking at the front yard, and thinking, "Huh. I bet that could look a lot better than it does. That's when you're most likely to get the urge to take your DIY ideas outdoors. Thankfully, making a more beautiful front yard doesn't require hiring expensive landscapers or breaking the bank.

Create a layered look by using rocks or small stones as edging. Use rocks along a paved walkway or as a boarder between a flower garden and the.

Native Retreat

Scenic vistas, winding paths, bucolic meadows, and rustic retreats suitable for solitary contemplation are just a few of the alluring naturalistic features of gardens created in the Romantic spirit. Landscape designers of the Romantic era sought to express the inherent beauty of nature in opposition to the strictly symmetrical, formal gardens favored by aristocrats of the old regime. The Romantics looked to nature as a liberating force, a source of sensual pleasure, moral instruction, religious insight, and artistic inspiration. Eloquent exponents of these ideals, they extolled the mystical powers of nature and argued for more sympathetic styles of garden design in books, manuscripts, and drawings now regarded as core documents of the Romantic Movement. Their cult of inner beauty and their view of the outside world dominated European thought during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The exhibition features approximately ninety highly influential texts and outstanding works of art, providing a compelling overview of ideas championed by the Romantics and also implemented by them in private estates and public parks in Europe and the United States, notably New York's Central Park. Drawn from the Morgan's holdings of manuscripts, drawings, and rare books, as well as lavishly illustrated landscape albums from private and other public collections, the exhibition attests to the artistic creativity and intellectual ferment of the era, a time when technological advances in book production greatly enhanced the transmission of ideas.

Japanese garden

By Budget Dumpster Staff on August 9,Check out these ten budget-friendly ideas to beautify your backyard landscape without having to take out a second mortgage. Mulching is a time and money saver as it reduces the amount of water and weeding your garden needs, but mulch itself can be expensive. Also, stone mulch is less likely than wood mulch to wash onto pavements or blow into swimming pools.

We are not the biggest rock company in Arizona, but we pride ourselves on great customer service and superb value in our inventory.

21 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

Based in London, our Design Division specialises in designing landscapes and gardens for private residences and commercial developments all over the world. With projects from the most modest of city roof terraces to the grandest of palaces and hotels, our experienced landscape architects combine creative flair with obsessive attention to detail to deliver classic, yet contemporary, landscape treatments. Our Construction Division is made up of hard- and soft-landscaping experts whose traditional craftsmanship skills, using modern methods and equipment, deliver beautiful gardens and public realm spaces time and time again. Many of the projects we build have been crafted by our Design Division, but we also frequently tender and negotiate on schemes designed by other landscape and garden designers. We take pride in our gardens and landscapes looking established and developed from the moment they are completed. Like all living projects, however, they flourish and mature with age.

The Elements of Good Garden Design

From a large boulder centering a corner lawn to crushed-stone garden beds and pathways, there are limitless possibilities for landscaping design with rocks. Whatever the size or scale of the project, MetroGreenscape has lots of experience helping Charlotte homeowners select the perfect type or types of stone to best construct the right look and use. Rocks have loads of advantages in landscaping—both utilitarian and aesthetic. Landscaping rock can accomplish a wide range of practical and design goals, lightening your yard workload, boosting your landscape, and upping your all-around property value. From anchoring elements to edging accents, rocks beautifully perform both starring and supporting roles. They also offer their own vertical planting surfaces for vines and rock-garden herbs.

Services offered are Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Garden Maintenance, Stone Masonry and Plant Sourcing. At Espaso Verde we are passionate about.

How To Use Rocks In Your Landscape Design

Why use landscaping rocks? They come in many shapes and sizes and can add a special touch to your garden. You can use them in creative combinations or just stick to a classic look. Whether you got plenty of space or just a tiny bit of greenery, you can integrate them into your garden design without any hassle.

Small garden ideas - placement, planning & planting

RELATED VIDEO: Best Rock Garden Ideas - Yard Landscaping Designs with Rocks - We Bring Ideas

Start by dreaming big—you can rein in your wildest ideas later, if need be. Then use our Design Guides to help you separate the musts from the maybes. Pore over our Hardscape design guides to see thousands of images of garden spaces to find what you love, with an eye to style, colors, materials, and furniture. Where to splurge and where to save? Some things worth spending on: a master plan, masonry to give your garden good bones, quality materials to withstand the elements, privacy, and craftsmanship. Ways to save: use gravel instead of pavers on paths, reuse existing materials bricks, stone, pickets , buyer smaller plants, and use mix-and-match furniture.

Our collection of backyard retaining wall ideas and terraced gardens.

Landscape Design Trends: Man-Made Stone? Pros and Cons

Plants and worn, aged materials are generally used by Japanese garden designers to suggest a natural landscape, and to express the fragility of existence as well as time's unstoppable advance. Despite there being many attractive Japanese flowering plants, herbacious flowers generally play much less of a role in Japanese gardens than in the West, though seasonally flowering shrubs and trees are important, all the more dramatic because of the contrast with the usual predominant green. Evergreen plants are "the bones of the garden" in Japan. Japanese literature on gardening goes back almost a thousand years, and several different styles of garden have developed, some with religious or philosophical implications. A characteristic of Japanese gardens is that they are designed to be seen from specific points. These were designed to be seen from small boats on the central lake. No original examples of these survive, but they were replaced by the "paradise garden" associated with Pure Land Buddhism , with a Buddha shrine on an island in the lake.

We are a small but passionate and focused team of slightly garden-obsessed garden individuals. Founder, Andrew Sidie has over 20 years industry experience and Stone Lotus Landscapes was born out of Andrew's passion for conceptualising garden designs and a desire to oversee the entire outdoor transformation from initial design concept through to constructed completion. Over time Andrew has built a small and trusted outdoor renovation team of landscape designers, horticulturists, landscapers, project managers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and pool specialists to name a few. Stone Lotus Landscapes has since evolved into one the most prominent turnkey residential landscape design and construction firms in the area.


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