A & m landscaping

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A &, m landscaping.

With his business, Mike can provide his services in all of the following ways:

Landscaping Maintenance

Interior/Exterior Painting

Exterior Roofs

Deck and Patio Cleaning


Commercial Maintenance

Fence Maintenance

Siding/Trim Installation

Planting and Maintenance

Irrigation System Setup

Pumping System Setup

Drainage System Setup

Fruit Trees, Vineyards and Boulders

Stump Grinding


Tree Removal

Fence Installation

Interior/Exterior Wall Painting

Floor Maintenance

Tile Replacement


Deck and Patio Restoration


Home Improvement

Garage Conversions


Exterior Doors

Commercial Construction

Mike can always provide his services at an affordable price, on time, and with high quality. Mike can get the job done quickly and provide a service that you will appreciate for a long time to come.

Please contact Mike with any questions and he would be happy to answer them. Thank you for your time!

Contact us today for the same quality service that Mike provides for his residential customers.

Mike and his wife Laura are amazing. They make it easy to understand what they are doing to your home. They are very easy to work with. They understand all the details and always keep me up to date. They are great communicators.

- Michael &, Laura A. of Wauwatosa

Our house was in an amazing state of disarray. We did not know what to do with all of the clutter and chaos. We also knew that we needed a professional to handle the cleaning and organizing of all our stuff. After calling multiple cleaning services we finally stumbled across the "Mike &, Laura Cleaning Team". It was great that they listed all the services that they offered and when they offered them. It was amazing how organized and clean our house looked after just one visit. We really can't express enough how happy we are with their service. We absolutely loved how they handled the cleaning and organizing. We would highly recommend them to anyone!

- Mary &, Richard G. of Milwaukee

Laura and Mike have been cleaning and organizing my home for years. They have worked hard to be the best they can be and help me do my best. I will continue to recommend them to anyone who asks. Thanks for the work you do!

- Barbara B. of Fox Point

Working with Laura and Mike was very easy. The process of hiring them was very straight forward and easy. They were able to do a great job getting everything cleaned and organized. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any cleaning project.

- Krista P. of Milwaukee

Mike and Laura came and did a great job on my house and they did it without any issues. They were respectful, timely, very friendly, and did a great job of cleaning up and organizing after they were finished. It was a pleasure having them in my home.

- Amy S. of Glendale

Laura &, Mike are the most amazing. The way they approach your home, they respect it. Your home will always look better after a visit from them. They do all the cleaning, they even do the vacuuming. They show up with their own cleaning supplies and gear, so your home doesn't look like a dump.

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